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Forever Preserved - Preserved Palm Trees, Palm Leaves and Plants
Forever Preserved - Preserved Palm Trees, Palm Leaves and Plants
  "Rocky Mountain" Spiral Juniper

Our hand-sculptered Spiral Junipers have solid, dense foliage, indicative of an authentic full-bodied sculptured spiral topiary as found in the world's most prized sculpted gardens. There is no exposed skeleton wood. Made from preserved Rocky Mountain Juniper. An excellent feature plant for foyer entranceways and corriders, residential and commercial.

Height: 5 to 12 feet
Diameter: 14 to 24 inches
Certified Fire Retarded

Retail Price: $ 565.00 (5 foot ovh).
Wholesale pricing based on quantity
(minimum 6 trees)
Shipping/Freight Additional.

Call 760-822-1142 or Email for quote.

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