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Forever Preserved - Preserved Palm Trees, Palm Leaves and Plants
Forever Preserved - Preserved Palm Trees, Palm Leaves and Plants

Natural Palm Bark

The palm bark we office is the same as is used on our natural bark trunks which are installed in some of the world's most prestigious hotels, resorts and homes. An example is shown below.

Our palm bark is not the cheaper variety of coconut fiber often advertised which is more a fabric in feel. Our palm bark is actual wood with fiber.

Harvested from our Farm with Washingtonia Robusta Palms (also called the Mexican Fan Palms) without harm to the live trees, our palm bark includes the wood bark plus the natural palm fibers. These natural palm fibers are often used to camouflage the frond head assembly and as filler in between bark segments jus as the natural tree trunk on live trees appears.

We offer untreated palm bark and for those building for commercial institutions, a fire retarded palm bark. When ordering, discounts are based on quantity ordered.

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Natural Bark from Washintonia Robust Palm Trees

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